EV450IN – Renewaire Energy Recovery Ventilator


  • Indoor Fan Powered Packaged Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • Typical  Airflow Range: 200-540 cfm
  • AHRI 1060 Certified Core – One L85-G5
  • Direct drive 0.6hp (Single Phase) or 0.5hp (Three Phase) motor (1)
  • Compact design meets tight architectural requirements.
  • Available in single or three phase with multiple voltage options
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Key Features

  • Utilizes RenewAire’s exceptional static plate energy exchange core
    • AHRI certified performance data for efficiency and cross leakage
    • Ten year core performance warranty
    • Suitable for restroom exhaust
  • No liquid water (condensate) or accompanying drain line to deal with – as with many competing brands
  • No mounting restrictions – mount overhead, on a wall – vertical or horizontally
  • Integral mounting flanges
  • Access doors can be completely and easily removed allowing complete access to all internal components
  • Two separate access doors, one for the core, the other for the blower compartment
  • Built-in pressure ports with captive plugs allowing cross-core pressure measurement and accurate airflow measurement
  • One inch thick dense fiberboard insulation with scrimmed foil facing – washable, durable and easy to maintain – no loose insulation fibers to break off and enter the airstreams
  • Factory installed, integral line voltage disconnect (non-fused) and onboard 24VAC power
  • EISA compliant motor for energy efficiency with open drip-proof design and integral thermal protection
  • Two total, MERV 8, 2″ pleated, 14″x20″ nominal size filters (one for each airstream, two for each core)
  • UL tested flammability and smoke generation that meets NFPA 90A and 90B test standards for commercial applications


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EV450IN ECM Single Catalog Page / Submittal Form  EV450IN ECM Single Catalog Page / Submittal Form

EV450IN Single Catalog Page / Submittal Form  EV450IN Single Catalog Page / Submittal Form

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EV450IN Guide Specs  EV450IN Guide Specs