Door Interlock Switch – EV/BR/GR





RENEWAIRE DOOR SWITCH 990129 – Original Door Switch.  Fits units below with Serial Number E06 and before.

  • EV70 / BR70
  • EV90 / BR90
  • EV130 / BR130
  • EV90P
  • EV200
  • EV300

It is important to note that the door switch changed in June 2006 (S/N F06).  This part # 990129 is for units with a serial number starting with E06 and before.  If your serial number is F06 and after, then the correct part is 990160.  Please supply the complete serial number of your unit when placing an order so we can make sure we ship you the correct replacement part.

The first digit of the serial number indicates the month when it was built (A = January, B = February, C = March, D = April, etc.). 
The following 2 digits indicate the year when it was built (00 = 2000, 01 = 2001, etc.) 
As an example, if your serial number starts with B12, then it was built on February 2012 and you would need the part number for the F06 and after models.  




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