Filter 990773 (25 Pack Filter) – MERV13 – EV PREMIUM S


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RENEWAIRE FILTER 990773 – Keep your Residential Renewaire unit running efficiently by replacing the filters with the factory original Renewaire Filter.  Accept no imitations!

These filters fits the EV PREMIUM S model Renewaire unit.  The filter comes the right size, no cutting necessary.  The EV PREMIUM S model takes (1) filter MERV13 and the other filter must be MERV8.  It is a MERV 13, so it filters the air better than the standard MERV 8 filters.

It is recommended that each filter should be replaced once a month.  However, good judgment must be used to determine if more or less frequent filter changes are actually required.  This ensures that your unit will operate as designed and trouble free.

We don’t recommend purchasing aftermarket filters since these may not be adequate for the unit.  Aftermarket may filter more or less air particles than the original.  This may affect the overall function and performance of your Renewaire unit.  The original filters are designed to allow the right amount of air through it while still catching the right amount of dust particles for proper unit function.

We have the filters in stock and orders will usually ship within 1 day of being placed.

The video below explains what comes in the filter box and how each filter needs to be cut depending on the Renewaire unit model unit.  It also details in what orientation the filters must be installed and why the factory original filters are better than the aftermarket filters.


Renewaire Filter 990771


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Filter 990773 (25 Pack Filter) - MERV13 - EV PREMIUM S