Renewaire EV130 Flagship Model

The Renewaire EV130 is the most popular unit of the Renewaire product lineup.  The reason is simple, it is the perfect energy recovery ventilator size for a home of up to 2700 sqft, which is the majority of the homes.  The typical airflow range is from 50-140 cfm.  This unit is perfect to exhaust stale air from bathrooms and/or the kitchen area.  This way you remove stale air and odors at the same time, making your house smell like the fresh outdoors.  The EV130 is very simple to run and maintain.  Only change the filters once a month and if you notice any dirt buildup on the unit, grab a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the interior of the unit using a soft bristle brush.  The EV130 comes with a 10 year energy recovery core warranty, which is double the warranty of competitor products.

The key features of the EV130 are:


  • EV130 Utilizes RenewAire’s exceptional static plate energy exchange core
  • EV130 comes with a 115V / 60 Hz / Single Phase corded plug
  • Quiet, powerful blowers – eliminating the need for air balancing in most applications
  • Less than 1 Watt standby power consumption
  • Home Ventilating Institute verified performance – confidently compare products to other brands
  • No liquid water (condensate) or accompanying drain line to deal with – as with many competing brands
  • No mounting restrictions – mount overhead, on a wall – vertical or horizontally
  • Dedicated RenewAire brand two wire controls for perfect operation
  • In new construction or remodel situations – replace common bathroom fans with RenewAire residential ERVs – 100% exhaust air to fresh air separation
  • Where quick installation is critical – try our Award winning BreezeTM models (BR70, BR130)

We have the replacement filters for all the Renewaire units so you can maintain your equipment running trouble free for many years.

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Click the image below if you want to purchase the Renewaire EV130:

Renewaire EV130

Renewaire EV130


  1. Our system is closed to outside air. How does the ERV interact with it to bring in outside air? Do we have to install a vent or hood or some way to open the system to outside air? Barbara Maybee
    • Hi Barbara, the ERV has (4) duct connections. Two ducts are connected to the exterior (one to exhaust air and one to bring in fresh air) and the other two are connected to the interior space (one to extract air to be exhausted and one that supplies fresh air to the space.). Hope this helps. Thanks

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