Renewaire Filters Package Content

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Renewaire Filters Package Content:   We often get asked questions about the replacement Renewaire filters for the residential units like the EV70, EV90, EV130, EV90P, EV200 and EV300.  Renewaire Filters for these units come in (2) packages, a 3 pack (Part # … Read More

Renewaire – Why do I need an ERV?

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Nothing is more important than the health of family and home Today’s homes are airtight. The need for ventilation has never been more important. RenewAire is uniquely qualified to provide this critical indoor component. RenewAire’s advanced ventilation products are based … Read More

Residential ERV’s

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Renewaire has a complete lineup of residential Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV’s) to fit any home size and budget.  The smallest unit is the BR70, which has an airflow range of  40-70 CFM.  The BR70 is optimally sized for the small residential … Read More

Replacing Renewaire Filters

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We frequently get asked how often should we replace the filters on Renewaire ERV units.  The quick answer is at least once a month on average.  However, there are many factors to consider, for example:  How often do you run … Read More

The Newest Member of the 90-Series!

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Unveiled at this year’s EEBA Conference & Expo in Phoenix AZ, RenewAire is pleased to announce the EV90P, the third member of the very popular 90-Series family of residential and light commercial energy recovery ventilation products. Product highlights include: Double … Read More

ERV or HRV? What is the difference?

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For residential applications, designers or consulting engineers recommend either a heat-recovery ventilator (HRV) or an energy-recovery ventilator (ERV). Most of the time they do not know the difference between both and therefore, don’t know which to choose.  One thing they do … Read More

Where Do I Start?

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Discuss your needs with us! If you don’t know which unit best fits your needs, please give us a call or send us an email and we will help you by recommending the best unit for your application.  ERV’s or Energy … Read More

Renewaire – How do I determine the best ERV for my home?

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Sizing up a Renewaire ERV should be done by a professional. However, you can follow these simple guidelines to get you started: MODEL                        RESIDENCE SIZE                    AIRFLOW (MIN-MAX) BR70                            up to 1500 sqft                          40-70 CFM EV90, GR90, EV90P    up to 2000 sqft                          40-110 … Read More

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