EV200 – Renewaire Energy Recovery Ventilator



  • Typical Airflow Range: 100-200 cfm
  • Optimally sized for the larger residential home (up to 4000 sq. ft.)
  • 115V / 60 Hz / Single Phase corded plug


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Renewaire EV200 is a popular model for larger homes.  The Renewaire EV200 is ideal for homes up to 4,000 sqft.  It comes with a 10 year warranty on the Energy Exchange Core.  The warranty on all the other components is 2 years.  The only maintenance required on the unit is to replace the filters every month.  Filters are very easy to replace, just open the unit, pull them out and replace them with new ones.  This ensures that your unit will operate at its peak performance and trouble free.  The unit is very quiet and consumes less than 1 watt standby power consumption.

Installation is easy since there is no water condensate line in the unit to worry about.  The reason is because Renewaire’s patented energy recovery core lets temperature and humidity to transfer from one airstream to the other.  You can mount the unit in any configuration imaginable; there are no restrictions.

EV200 – Overview

  • Typical Airflow Range: 100-200 cfm
  • Optimally sized for the larger residential home (up to 4000 sq. ft.)
  • 115V / 60 Hz / Single Phase corded plug

EV200 – Key Features

  • Utilizes RenewAire’s exceptional static plate energy exchange core
  • Quiet, powerful blowers – eliminating the need for air balancing in most applications
  • Less than 1 Watt standby power consumption
  • Home Ventilating Institute verified performance – confidently compare products to other brands
  • No liquid water (condensate) or accompanying drain line to deal with – as with many competing brands
  • No mounting restrictions – mount overhead, on a wall – vertical or horizontally
  • Integral mounting flanges – standard
  • Dedicated RenewAire brand two wire controls for perfect operation
  • In new construction or remodel situations – replace common bathroom fans with RenewAire residential ERVs – 100% exhaust air to fresh air separation
  • Where quick installation is critical – try our Award winning Breeze TMmodels (BR70, BR130)

Click here for Renewaire EV200 technical sheet


Additional information

Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 44 × 34 in


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EV200 Guide Specs  EV200 Guide Specs

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