Renewaire – How do I determine the best ERV for my home?

Sizing up a Renewaire ERV should be done by a professional. However, you can follow these simple guidelines to get you started:

MODEL                        RESIDENCE SIZE                    AIRFLOW (MIN-MAX)
BR70                            up to 1500 sqft                          40-70 CFM
EV90, GR90, EV90P    up to 2000 sqft                          40-110 CFM
EV130, BR130             up to 2700 sqft                           50-140 CFM
EV200                          up to 4000 sqft                           100-200 CFM
EV300                          up to 6000 sqft                           150-300 CFM

The BR70 model is specially designed to be mounted directly on the return air duct.  This saves significant installation time since you only have to duct the fresh air inlet and the exhaust air outlet.  This makes the BR70 the easiest ERV to install.

The Renewaire EV90, EV130, EV200 and EV300 are top of the line ERV’s designed to be installed stand alone or to be tied to the existing HVAC system.  However, you will need to duct the fresh air inlet and outlet and the exhaust inlet and outlet to the unit.  Renewaire has an advantage over competitor products, in that it doesn’t require a condensate drain pan.  This means that the unit can be easily mounted in any orientation and doesn’t require a condensate drain line either.

The GR90 is a bare bone unit that is more cost effective, without sacrificing quality.  The unit doesn’t come with a power cord or painted cabinet, but the core and blower assembly is the same as the EV90.

The EV90P is a high efficiency model.  This unit is becoming one of the most popular models.  It was recently introduced to satisfy the necessity where more energy efficiency is required.

The Renewaire EV130 continues to be the most sold model.

If you are not sure of the differences between each model, please contact us.  One of our specialists will help you select the right unit for you.


Renewaire EV130



  1. My house is 14 years old and and so is the EV130 unit I have. The square footage for my house is 3456 and I am thinking about upgrading to the EV240. Are the duct connections the same size? Will it help with my Minnesota winter cold humidity? Can it help with lowering radon levels in my house?
    • Hi Greg, the duct connection for the EV130 and the EV240 is the same size. It can be either 6" or 8". It will help with lowering the radon levels as it provides fresh air and removes stale indoor air. The unit transfers heat and humidity so it will help with the Minnesota winter cold humidity.

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