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If you don’t know which unit best fits your needs, please give us a call or send us an email and we will help you by recommending the best unit for your application.  ERV’s or Energy Recovery Ventilators are used to bring fresh outside air inside a conditioned space and remove the stale indoor air.  The objective is to have “healthy” air and avoid “sick building syndrome”.  Without ERV’s, bringing outside air requires a considerable amount of energy to be conditioned to the indoor air temperature and humidity conditions.  Using Renewaire Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV’s), like the EV90, EV90P, EV130, EV200, EV300, BR70, BR130 and so on, you can enjoy the benefits of fresh air with a minimal operational cost.  Compared to outdated technologies, Renewaire utilizes a patented energy recovery core that provides temperature and humidity transfer, providing total energy efficiency.  Using a Renewaire ERV will enable you to use a smaller heating or air conditioning equipment to cool or heat the outside air.  In most cases, the equipment downsizing will provide most, if not all, the cost of the ERV.  The added advantage is that you will enjoy energy savings for many years to come.

Renewaire equipment comes with a 10 year energy recovery core, the highest warranty in the industry.  The maintenance of the equipment is very minimal, just replace the filters once a month and you are good to go.  For the EV90, EV90P, EV130, EV200, EV300, BR70 and BR130 uses the 990076 10 filter media pack which you can conveniently purchase through us. 


  1. I’m wondering how your EVR is controlled to provide the appropriate air change rate? Can your unit be connected to an indoor air quality monitor to control it’s operation?
    • Yes, you can use an indoor air quality monitor to control the operation of the ERV. There are 2 terminals on the side of the unit, that when closed the unit will turn on and when open the unit will turn off. As long as the control monitor can close and open these contacts, it will work with the unit.

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